"Just received the pictures of our wedding! I began to re-live that special day through your photography. You truly captured every moment, and I thank you for that. You have been a tremendous blessing to us and Christ's light has shown through you. May God bless you 100x!!" | Danielle T., CO




"Destiny does an amazing job. She took my twins first pictures at about 6 weeks old. She was very patient through feedings, diaper changes, and just normal baby fussiness. The pictures turned out amazing and even 4 years later I look at those pictures and remember the day. There were some funny things that happened and it was such a great experience for me that I don't want to forget that day. I am so happy that she was able to capture the twins at the sleepy stage they were in with really cute poses. The props she had fit the twins perfectly and everyone who saw the pictures loved them. I love the pictures and I would go back to her. 

Thank You for such a great experience and amazing photos, Destiny!" | Stephanie S., CA





"Destiny is an incredible photographer and I highly recommend her for any occasion." | Shawna D., TX





"My expectations have been exceeded with Destiny. She is passionate about what she does, and her photos reflect the time, commitment, and love she puts into them. She is quite flexible with scheduling, picture layout, and ordering. She makes you feel at home during your session, and will give to helpful hints during your session to make you look as beautiful as you feel. She beautifully captures the emotions of all who is being photographed. When it comes to getting the kiddies on camera, she has tricks up her sleeve to capture those special moments which define the personality of each child. She's patient and works diligently. She can capture those precious moment in time, that are often missed or forgotten. And in the end, she will produce photographs you will cherish over a lifetime. They will be snapshots of love." | Jen D., TX





"We got the CD! Thanks so much and I love, love, love the packaging! I think it adds so much!" | Deb A., TX

"Please come here and photograph my family. These are great." | Helen F., UK
"Thank you, thank you for EV's 2 year session and our family session! We couldn't be more ecstatic with the pictures. You truly have an amazing eye when capturing pictures. With the family photos, the way you were able to corral 3 little ones and 3 adults was awesome! Those are by far some of the best family photos we have ever had taken. With EV's 2 year session, you managed to captured more of her personality than I thought possible. Absolutely adorable! All the time and heart you put in your photos definitely reflect it. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thank you for being there to document this stage in our lives. :D" | Julie S., VA