I like to think of myself as a storyteller. My camera is merely a tool that tells the story of life events. Whether it is my life or your life, I hope each image has a story written in it's core. I bought my first camera when I was six because our family was taking a vacation and I wanted to have pictures to show and tell about. I have since traveled the world over, camera by my side, often wandering side streets where the light is sweet. I love looking through my lens, capturing an image and reliving the sights, sound and emotion of that moment.

In case you want to know a few fun details about me, what makes me happy and inspires me, here is the fun stuff:
I also like white dishes, even if they are mis-matched. Gerber daisies and pansies. Ice cream, even when it's cold outside. Ferris wheels. Birth session and baby sighs. Drizzly days and crisp blue skies. Pin sharp pictures and fuzzy warm slippers. Down comforters. Giraffes. Wrinkly faces or scrunched up noses. Children who sing loud and dance even louder. Daddies who talk sweet to their little girls, especially during their father-daughter dance at their wedding. Mamas who laugh at their children and at life. I like quotes, words, pretty fonts, wedding cake and baby cake smash sessions. Polka dots and bold prints. Coffee shops, markets, and crisp air. Family relations, eyes, and wispy hair.

When I don't have a camera in hand, I am hanging out with my husband Dennis and daughters.